Thursday, 22 March 2018

Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar Provides a Smooth Way of Learning

Hi-tech Institute offers  the complete mobile repairing course in Patna.with hands on practical training. The course includes complete knowledge of mobile repairing. The course is designed in such a way that anyone without any previous knowledge of mobile repairing can learn everything in a smooth way and work in this field successfully.

Course Gives You Some Extra Confidence

Training on schematic diagrams of mobile phone will give you fast and reliable mobile repairing diagnostics training. That is why students can extra confidence in mobile repair troubleshooting. This short-term course includes basic electronic, schematic diagram tracing, BGA rebellion with IR machines, softwares for unlocking mobile phones and all brands such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Apple etc.

Increased Mobile Users Offer Career Opportunities

As per the increment in mobile users, the career opportunities in the field of mobile repairing service are also increasing. After completing the mobile repair training at our mobile repairing institute in Bihar you can get good jobs in hardware repairing field.

Skills that Make Your Master in Mobile Repairing

The training imparted through our mobile repairing course in Bihar can help you to start your own mobile handset repairing center. It is all going to be a combined effort of duty, a skill that makes you a master in mobile repairing.

Things you get with this mobile repair training:

Ø  The best thing that you get by enroll in our mobile repairing course in Patna is that you get good communication skills apart from the repairing knowledge and skill.

Ø  You will have awareness about all latest technologies and techniques. This is sure that with the course you will be able to deal with all important faults in mobile phones in the latest brands.

Ø  You will be taught in the way that you will have all analyzing, problem-solving, ability.

Ø  By doing this mobile repairing course in Bihar, you will not have to take any further training or course for working in any company or starting your own business.

Ø  We charge a very nominal fee for all the courses we offer at our institute. And, when it comes to the mobile repair training, then the same thing with it.

100% Job and Business Oriented Training

This is very true that Hi-tech Institute is one of the best mobile repairing institutes of India that provides the best hardware, technical and practical training in the field of mobile hardware. Our mobile repairing institute in Patna is famous for providing 100% job and business oriented mobile repair training at affordable prices.

We Provide a Better Understanding

This single course covers mobile phone hardware, training, mobile phone software training, chip level training and so on.  These courses act as the confidence boosters for students when it comes to delivering the mobile repairing services. We provided students a better understanding of mobile repairing course.

Give us a call, or visit our training centre, we will be happy to see.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Extremely Preferred Laptop Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

We are a famous laptop repairing institute in Patna with world-class training facilities. Our courses are extremely preferred among the students as well as working professionals. Here, we are providing some important points about our training institute and course that will show how we are the best:

Ø  The syllabus of our laptop repairing training is in concert with the current demand of hardware repairing.

Ø  Course is designed through analysis and it contains all the important knowledge and skills of laptop repairing.

Ø  We have expert team and who have years of knowledge in providing training.

Ø  Laptop repairing course in Bihar is totally job oriented that provides placement calls to all students.
Ø  On the completion of the training we provide a certificate to students that help them to stand on some higher place among other candidates.

Ø  Our lab is equipped with all latest repairing tools and machines.

Ø  The environment of class is very friendly that allows learners to learn thing freely.

Ø  The course is a short-term training program that can be finished within few months.

Ø  The signal course covers all aspects of laptop repairing including software.

Our laptop repairing institute in Patna provides complete knowledge of laptop, make aware about all laptop BIOS setting, ways to create windows partition and formatting, and installation of different window, learn to make driver backup and restore it.

Different Phase of Training Cover Various Topics

In the next phase of the training you will learn to repair all windows and driver filed, recover data, different kinds of virus problem, USB port and LAN problem,  identification of different resistor, capacitor, coil, diode, transistor, transformer, Mos-fet, crystal etc.  You also learn about charger, adapter, battery, hard drive, CD and DVD writer, keyboard and touchpad, screen, motherboard etc.
The laptop repairing course includes faults in AC to DC power section testing, faults in power supply section, faults in input and output, charging and discharging section with chip fault tracing, CPU heat control and many more.

Important Focus on Practical Training

After completing the theory class, the laptop repairing institute in Patna provides training in hard disk chip level repairing and maintenance, learn how to install external Bluetooth/Wi-Fi inside a laptop, get trained to break windows 7 logon password in few steps, best method to fix hardware problem without taking apart the laptop, replacing a battery cells inside laptop battery, breaking of a password, BIOS updating or reprogramming, testing on working board, and at last working in advance service center.

Make Career in Hardware Field Easily

Overall, it can be said that the laptop repairing course Hi-tech offers it is the best training process and if anyone is looking to make career in hardware he must take it. For doing this course you don’t need to have any kind of previous knowledge or experience as the course starts from the basic knowledge and then it goes to advance level.  Come to our institute once, we are sure that you will not disappointed.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Computer Hardware Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar Give You a New Career Path

If you are looking for the best computer hardware repairing course in Patnathen don’t settle for second-hand training. Come to our institute, it will help you to get started on your career path in the best way. We are the right institute for those who are serious in their study because we do never compromise with the quality of our training.

Opportunity to Create a Bright Career

The course is designed in an easy way and we make it sure that each can afford to join our training course. So that they can make their future bright. We know and understand it well that proper and complete training is compulsory is required for repairing and servicing mobile phones.

If you are really interested in forming a career in the field of telecommunications, we make you sure that our computer hardware repairing course is the ideal solution for you. You will have to accept this fact that the telecommunication industry id progressing at a rapid pace. So, after getting training in this you will have the opportunities to create a bright and a successful career.

Excellent Training Course At Nominal Cost

We take proud saying that no other institute in India can offer such excellent training courses that Hi-tech Institute provides. The Hi-tech is the most renowned computer hardware repairing institute in Bihar. It is the most recommended institute across the nation. The institute gives you a golden opportunity to enroll with an advanced mobile course at very nominal cost.

At our institute you will be prepared according to the industry trend so that you can get a job just after the training. This is very true that every learner has different objective to learn mobile repairing. There are many candidates who are looking for a job and they want to take it as their career path. 
Some students want to take computer hardware repairing course, just as their hobby.

Be Your Own Boss and Start Earning From Today

The biggest advantages of this course are that it gives you freedom from routine companies or individuals as after completing the training they can work as self-employed or as a service provider. With us, you will be your own boss.

As this is a short term course, so after spending 3 to 4 months you can easily be expert in all aspects of mobile repairing. We charge very reasonable fee for all the courses provided here. Those students who want to start their own service center or computer repairing shop. For this you don’t have to invest huge amount of money just a small investment is enough to take a start.

We understand that there are many training institutes in the country so you may get confused little bit, but this is sure that the quality of training you get here that is totally unique and exclusive.
Try our courses and get your dreams comes true with us

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar Gives Multiple Benefits

The increasing use of gadgets and the passion of the people for the same has led the industry to have the huge demand for mobile technicians. This is very true that the maintenance of mobile phone is not so easy actually on the completion of the warranty period, repairing and maintaining it, becomes a tough task for people.

We Start Teaching from Basic and then Proceed Further

This task needs an expert professional who is technical, well-educated and well-trained. You will be able to deal with these issues of mobile once, you complete training under advance mobile repairing course in Bihar from a reputed institute.

When it comes to advanced level training, then Hi-tech is the most famous name among student. Here, you will get professional training in the well-equipped lab with all tools and instrument of repairing. Even this is an advance level training, we start teaching from basic and then proceed further for advanced level training.

When we decided to take admission in any institute there are some important points that we consider like expert teachers, well equipped practical lab and much more. There are some other factors that are unique about Hi-tech.

No Qualification Barrier

The course is designed in a way that makes it easy to learn and train students to deal with every kind of mobile issue. So, whether you have been working in this hardware field for years or you have just passed 10th, enrolling in course will benefit you.

Secure Future

There is no doubt that the advance mobile repairing course has a bright future as the numbers of users are increasing day by day. From a school student to a working professional, the various functionality of mobile phone has eased the way of living and surviving. So, with the training in a mobile phone will bring the thousands of job opportunities Once you complete the training you will be able to earn huge sums of money by repairing different components of mobile phone, screen etc.

Second Chance for Some Aspirants

This is very true that once you quit your study you started to look for other alternatives of earning. advance mobile repairing course in Patna will help you to fill that gap after giving you some good career options, You can easily come back through our course.

Age Doesn’t Keep Matter

The minimum age to take admission in the advance mobile institute course in Patnais just 18 years and there is no maximum age limit if you can understand learning. We understand that life never stops teaching so we allow people to learn.

Small Investment

The thing that is best about our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna is that you have to make the very small investment here to enrol.

At last, we can conclude that the advance mobile repairing course we are providing is very good to do as you don’t need anything like higher degree, a fixed age or a huge money to do it but the future is very secured here.  

Friday, 19 January 2018

Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

If you are looking for the most leading advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar then Hi-tech is the best option for you. For taking admission here there is no need to have any experience or entry level knowledge. The course starts from the basic information of mobile and it goes to advance level.

All Advanced and Latest Repairing Tools

Our lab is equipped with all advanced and latest repairing tools. The best thing about our institute is that we make changes in our training techniques in order to train student as per the demand of industry. We have every kind of tools and machine to train you in the best possible way.

This is because of the dedication of our team that has made us the most leading advance mobile repairing institute in Bihar.

Hi-tech is famous for providing basic, Advance and latest Techniques of advance mobile repairing course in Bihar. And, in order to make it happens our entire curriculum of mobile repairing is design simply so that everyone can grasp basic and advanced concepts of mobile chip level and card level repairing easily.

By Highly Experienced Trainers and Instructors

Our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna is backed by highly experienced trainers and instructors who are well-versed with the latest techniques of BGA Level and mother board level repairing of all types mobile phones like android, smart phone, touch phone , i phone and many more.

We take proud saying that we provide the best service of mobile phone repairing, so that after the course anyone can easily get a job in reputed service centres or company. There is no doubt that service industry demands highly skilled professionals with sound technical practices and international certified IT Technocrats, and by starting this advance mobile repairing course we are on right path.

Certified Institution Provides The Best Education

We know and accept this fact that to meet up the need of Industry specific IT workforce, we need to work more closely and so we are doing at Hi-tech institute.

Our advance mobile repairing institute in Patna is a certified institution and provides the best education in mobile repairing course. Apart from mobile repairing we offer various courses on laptop repairing, desktop repairing course, tablet repairing course etc.

Modern yet Flexible Teaching Methods

All the above courses provided by our institute are divided into three level first is basic, second one is advance and the last one is combo level. As an expert training provider we have recognized the changing trends in mobile, laptop and computer technology and so teaching students as per the demand of industry.

Because of our modern yet flexible teaching methods we have become the distinct from other IT institutions. Today, Hi-tech is not just a name in hardware repairing field but a brand. We believe in 100% quality training and creating employment opportunities for the students. Today we are training in various service centres and all are equipped with the latest machines and equipment.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Hi Tech Presents All Brand Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

Mobile repairing course in Patna is the best option for those who are eager to be professional in the hardware field. The course can be done in regular classes and also with online sessions. This training covers all brands of mobile phone like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry and many more. The best part of this course is that it can be done by any student either from technical background or non-technical background.

Determine the Best Way to Make Your Future

This is true that when in the beginning of the mobile repairing course in Bihar you are not much familiar with the device but when you start getting training you will be started to understand and become comfortable with it. Under the course you will learn to the use of multi meter to determine the parts of mobile phone.

Benefits of Mobile Repair Training

Our mobile repairing course in Patna offers amazing benefits for the students who have strong desire to make career in this field:

The curriculum of course is designed in a way that makes it easy to understand by students.
You will be trained here by categorizing the different sections of course.

We strive to offer the most competitive mobile repairing course in Patna that covers the entire area of mobile repair varying from hardware to software parts.

On the completion of the training you can join job in well reputed mobile service centre and for this you will be prepared to face interview.

If you don’t have interest in working under anyone and looking for business option then you can also go with your favourite option.

We charge very reasonable fee for our all training course because our motto is not to earn money but to serve people in making their future.

Multiple options in verities of courses as you can take it as fast track course, regular class, week end batches and many more.  

Customized Training Solution

Hi Tech is famous as most progressive mobile repairing institute in Patna and offer repairing solution in next generation mobility platforms. We are also known for providing customized training courses in which students can take as per their need like they can make skip any topic if they are comfortable and also can add any new concept if not included in the course.
This course covers every aspects of mobile phone, but if we go in deep then we can list in in the way given below:

ü  Identification of various electronic components testing on a circuit board, ICs
ü  Smartphone Android, windows iPhone technology
ü  GSM and CDMA structure and all generation of mobile phone
ü  All chip level soldering and de-soldering on PCB motherboard
ü  Mobile circuit board trace without circuit diagram
ü  Section of mobile phone repair including Chinese mobile phone

You can complete this course just in few weeks because as it is a short term course.  Take this mobile repairing course in Patna, and start making your future bright. 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Benefits of Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

Now a day’s advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar is great training course and a very good start point it you want to take entry in IT sector. With this training course you get to know every aspect of mobile phone which little device lead you into the way of success. Under the training you will get knowledge and skill. Our repair training institute is in Patna, the best corner of Bihar within India. By taking this training course you will be able to solve all kinds of critical issues of electronics devices not just the basic but all advance features of mobile phone. 

You will be trained how to fix totally smashed physical damage phone, issues related to speakers fault, charging, software, and many more. Under this course training you will get best quality and original spare parts. This kind of advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar is very cost effective and we can say that this is one of the lowest training courses in market. The teachers who teach here they are very expert and experienced, you can get advantage from this by enrolling in this course. 

So, if you have decide to take admission in advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar than we would like to present ourselves as one of the best training institutes in India. The training lap our institute is well equipped with all the latest and advance repairing equipment that enables you to deal with every kinds of issue in coming days. 

With a vision to provide quality training at very affordable cost we have started this advance mobile repairing course in Bihar. Our course allow you to start repairing on your own and start making an income and lead a good life. With this course you get repair training in every types of mobile phone iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and many brands. The course is designed in very easy way that without a previous knowledge you can be able to be an expert in mobile repairing. And one more thing that we would like to say that the course will depend on the trainee and how much you can learn during and the training, but the most important thing that we will give our best to teach you as much on the course as we can. 

Here, you will get all the tools and mobile devices to deal with the problem in the training. Under the advance mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar you will get training in GSM, CDMA network concept and structure, how to use proper tools and opening techniques to dismantle all make and model of mobile phones, assemble and disassemble practice, how to do data transfer and recovery , phone malfunction and liquid damage troubleshooting, how to unlock mobile phone, BGA controller chip structure and design, circuit board diagram layout  etc.  Design you career as you want, just take admission in our advance mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar with Hi Tech Institute, one of the best training institutes in country.